Life map

August 9, 2009

Life is testing me. Obstacles present themselves at every turn and each decision is of such magnitude that they deserve more than my usual spontaneous decision making process. I believe it’s a lesson I need to learn. The patience to plan. To map out my future. To make decisions with some direction rather than what feels good at the moment and then pay for them later.

I never get into a car to an unknown destination without the help of GPS. Therefore it makes sense that I would utilize a roadmap to follow as I make my way through the journeys in life.

The only problem with this plan is that my life didn’t come with a GPS sytem. I can’t log into GoogleMaps and come up with the directions. Walking into a gas station and asking for directions won’t get me anywhere but perhaps some sideways stares or a giggle or two. So what is a girl at her crossroads supposed to do?

It’s time to create my own map. The Atlas of me. A daunting task it seems. Although, I must remember that the Atlas of America wasn’t published in one day. It went through many revisions. My Atlas will go through that as well. It’s about trial and error and careful editing. It will have long straight roads and curvey highways that take me through rough mountain terrains. Sometimes my journey will take me to dry dessert lands and others to the ocean with all of it’s ebbs and flows. My Atlas will be colorful, yet it will provide the required stats so I may make logical decisions. My Atlas won’t point my North, South, East or West. It will point me in the directions of my life where I need direction…Spirituality, career, finances, health and well-being and whatever else sends me on a detour that needs to be addressed.

I’m looking forward to creating my life map. My personal directions. I’m looking forward to making the journey.